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What is a scholarship?

When thinking about college, scholarships are usually in the equation for any prospective student.  They are large or small sums of money 

presented to either a student or a university that does not need to be repaid.  Scholarships are usually required to be applied for and sometimes have restrictions or guidelines for applicants. They are given by groups, clubs, businesses, charities, schools, the government, or other organizations and can be a huge crutch for families flipping most of the educational bill.

Who is able to receive scholarships?

Every scholarship is different than another and each has its own guidelines for applicants to adhere to, such as athletic scholarships, which are directed toward a specific sport, academic scholarships, which are awarded to students with certain academic standings in school, or scholarships in specific academic fields such as science or theatre.

Many students who do not have great academic standing become discouraged when considering scholarships because they believe that scholarships are solely for those with straight As or perfect standing, but this is not true.  They are awarded based on certain qualifications and many scholarships do not even focus on grades.  Some organizations give money to students who live in a particular city or state or who give time to a particular philanthropy.  There are also different kinds of scholarships given to college graduates or PhD students, so students of all sorts are able to receive help from scholarships.

How do I find scholarship grants that apply to me as a nursing student?

As a nursing student, there are four types of aid available to help ease the burden of school expenses, including student loans, work study programs, grants, and scholarships.  Many nursing students find a way to use all four of these methods to help pay for their schooling, but scholarships are the best place to start because they are free from debt.

Nursing scholarships can be awarded based on the same criteria for regular scholarships.  Some are offered to students studying a certain nursing niche or who live in a particular area.  But in most cases, scholarships will not seek you out, so the earlier you begin your search the better.  The internet is the best place to start looking as it will provide you with many different scholarship opportunities.

With so many applicants hunting the same scholarships, make sure you are prepared to go the distance to get that money.  Here are a few hints to help you along the way:

1)      Organization.  Stay organized while searching and applying for scholarships.  Keep your applications organized by deadlines and leave plenty of time to complete them by the time that date arrives.  Using a filing system to keep applications that have been completed and not completed will help.  Be sure to make copies of your applications before you send them in and having letters of recommendation and your transcripts on hand at all times can save you loads of time and money.  Keep contact information for each scholarship and contact the group or club before the deadline to make sure your papers were received.

2)      Adhere to deadlines!  Scholarship reviewers will not wait for your late submission and will toss out all applications that come after the deadline, and possibly not look at ones that come close to that.  Keeping organized with these can help you get your work in on time and in order.

3)      Donít give up.  Money will not arrive at your door by pigeon three days after youíve submitted your application, and it may not arrive at all, so donít stop at just one option.  Research, research, research, and donít stop researching until youíve exhausted all your avenues and applied for all the scholarships you can, because the more you apply for, the more likely you are to be awarded one or more.

4)      Keep looking up.  With all the work you put in, it is hard to sit and wait for responses or even deal with denial letters from organizations, but keeping your thoughts positive about your search and yourself can be the process easier and more beneficial.

5)      Jump on it!  The number one more important thing a student can do when it comes to looking scholarships is actually look for scholarships!  Organizations will not seek you out.  The best way to not receive any scholarship money is to not apply for it.  Research scholarships that fit you or that you meet the requirements for and request an application.  Most scholarship applications are easily printed off the internet or are done entirely by email.  Take the initiative and get cracking!

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